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Meet Our Staff

Rosamond Little League is proudly staffed 100% by volunteers dedicating their time to provide a safe and fun-filled youth baseball and softball league for our community! Thank you all for your time and dedication! 

2020 Board of Directors

2020 Board of Directors

President - Angela S 

Vice President - Tori F

Treasurer - Cathy K

Secretary - Chuck F

Player Agent - Ashley M

Safety Officer - Josh A

Equipment Manager - Jon S

Snack Bar Director - Brittany

Challenger Director - Bobby V

T-Ball Director - Yesenia U

Coach Pitch Director - Paul S

Farm Director - OPEN 

Minor A BB Director - OPEN

Major BB Director - Chris B

Jr/Sr BB Director - OPEN 

Softball Director - Monica V

Umpire-in-Chief - TC A

Information Officer - Penny S

Head Team Parent - Tina D

Fundraiser Coordinator - Susan B

Field #1 Director - Rick G

Head Scorekeeper - Donovan M 

Coaching Coordinator - Jason K

Community Building Coordinator - Kitty G

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