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Required Sign-Up Documents:

1. Player Application & Medical/Media Release Form
2. 3 different forms of Proof of Residency (1 from each group listed in the document below). Name & address MUST match the application.  
Acceptable Proof of Residency

*Note: Rosamond Little League does NOT set the proof of residency guidelines. These documents are required by Little League International. Please be courteous of our Board Members enforcing the Little League International rules.*
All residency documents shall be established by documents dated or in force between February 1st of the previous year and January 31st of the current year. Three proofs of residency or proof of school attendance is required at registration. Player Agent is required to view the state birth certificate of each player. No player will be eligible to be drafted to a team or placed on a team without this documentation.

Other useful forms:

Volunteer Application

Long-Ball Fundraiser Form

Accident Claim Form

Concussion Information

2020 Baseball Age Chart

2020 Softball Age Chart

2020 Challenger Age Chart